payment methods

An extensive discussion of payment methods for sports betting

People no longer bet on various sports events only for entertainment purposes. Rather they take it as a professional career. For this reason, all the professional bettors prefer sites that give the easiest way of placing bets and they can withdraw as per their choice.

Fortunately, there are various types of advanced payment methods available in this market. Here we are going to discuss some renowned sports betting payment methods for players.


This is one of the best and upgraded e-commerce payment methods available in the betting market. Here players can deposit for different sports such as tennis, cricket, and many others. Paytm is used to pay through UPI or e-wallet. Here bettors can quickly deposit or withdraw their money.

For the sake of your privacy, this site never keeps your card’s CVV number while you make a deposit.  If your smartphone is lost, do not panic. Because it imposes the password of the wallet app so that your accounts get full protection. Most importantly while making a deposit or withdrawing money bettors are never asked for any charges.


This is the new way of betting in the betting world. In this way, punters are benefitted from paying the lowest fees and they can deposit instantly through this cryptocurrency. While placing a bet, the players can play from their crypto wallet directly and it comes to your betting site immediately. Professional bettors find cryptocurrency as one of the safest ways to deposit money.


This is one of the user-friendly ways to deposit money while betting. Skrill has a digital e-wallet system through which Indian players can set their accounts in Indian currency. They do not have to pay any currency exchange fees.

The players can open their skrill account free of cost. The players have to go through a simple verification procedure. Many players find skrill as one of the best secured payment methods.


This is accepted by players of the whole world. This is one of the easy and quick payment methods among the several payment methods.  Paypal never asks for service charges, annual charges from its customers. Players have to link their bank account with a PayPal account. But PayPal never reveals any personal details of players while receiving payments at an online betting platform. But the players have to face a lengthy verification procedure.

Visa and Mastercard

If the players have to deposit and simply withdraw money, a visa and MasterCard is the best choice for them. They never charge any signup fees. Visa and MasterCard can avail all types of alluring bonuses from the credit cards on specific rewards programs.

Astropay card

This is one of the oldest choices for the bettors in the betting market. Here players do not need to link their bank account with an astropay account. The Indian players do not have to disclose their details to a third party for opening an account. The users can transfer their winning amount immediately into their accounts. Apart from accessing various bonuses, astropay users get some exclusive bonuses from some operators.